McLeod Golf Club
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    • Par 71
    • 18 holes
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    • Par 71
    • 18 holes
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    • Par 71
    • 18 holes
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    • Par 71
    • 18 holes
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    • Par 71
    • 18 holes


Why join the McLeod Country Golf Club?

* Free social games

* Free social games are included in most membership categories. Play as much as you like 7 days a week, free. Competition games

* Getting your handicap is a milestone for every golfer. Competition golf is the next step and challenges you to improve your game whether you are just starting out or an expert.

* Community Not all competition is about lowering your handicap, team games are more about developing new friendships and community so we try to have a nice mix of both in our annual golf calendar. Charity and giving back to the local community is also a key part of the McLeod tradition.

* It’s fun and healthy too You are outdoors, surrounded by green and nature, all good for calming the mind and de-stressing. Plus, did you know that walking 18 holes nets you 17,000 steps on your Fitbit! The Club currently has no waiting list for membership.

Further membership options, terms and conditions please contact McLeod Golf Club. 

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Membership Options

6 Day Member

  • Walking: $1,633

Now you can play competition everyday except Saturday.
Great for couples that want to play together on Sundays in our club medley or mixed events.
Free social rounds Sunday to Friday. Social golf maybe played on Saturday with payment of green fees.

Includes $100 hospitality cash.

5 Day Member

  • Walking: $1,495

5 day playing rights Monday to Friday, $100 hospitality cash and includes affiliation and insurance. 

Young Professional Member

  • Walking: $945

Ages 26-45, young golfer who is time poor who wants to play competition golf.

Incudes 25 competition games.

Intermediate Members 18-25 years

  • Walking: $933

Junior Member 13-17 Years

  • Walking: $153

No affiliation fees.

Gateway Member

  • Walking: $951

7 day playing rights, $100 hospitality cash and includes affiliation and insurance. 1 year only, must not have held a handicap prior.

McLeod Social Club Member

  • Walking: $300

Reduced green fees applied to social rounds.

Sub Junior to 12

  • Walking: $130

No affiliation fees $86.50

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